mandag den 31. januar 2011

Jazz, coffee and homework

Good morning!

Right now I'm gulping down my coffee and reading up on some homework before I have to go to school, so I'm pretty stressed -sorry for the short post

I did really good on my "diet" yesterday, almost no slipups, and today the future is looking all pink and bright.
I ended up eating for 1000kalories worth of salad, yoghurt and veggies yesterday. And even though I know it wasn't the lowest of calorie-intakes I still feel better than I did two days ago.

Today I'm writing everything down (just for funsies) and so far I've had:

1 cup of coffee with skim milk : 40cals
50g of fibre cereal with skim milk : 230cals
Total:270cals (if I skipped the cereal I would have been better off calorie wise, but... I can't go from everything to nothing -it never works on me.)

Later I'm goanna have two climetines for snack and then a yoghurt at lunch and salad for dinner, then and a run before Thomas comes home -if everything plans out the way I want :)

See yer later alligator

BTW -very first weigh in on Friday!! I'm scared!

Love Cille

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