fredag den 12. marts 2010


Hey girls!!

I just wanted to remind you all to visit my Danish blog!
It's about fashion and of course, about me and my everyday life.
I have no ED stuff written down on there, so if you feel like taking a break from obsessive thoughts about food -swing by!

And the posts are on Danish but if you would like, I can make a short english summery in each post from now on. :)

Oh and I have a small prayer, if you choose to follow on there - which I would utterly adore!!!- Please don't have ribs and collarbones as profile pictures or follow anonymously. I really don't want ANY ED stuff on there, it's my hiding place -sort of, and I want it to be yours too :D

love Cille

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hey, I'd love to check out your other blog but the picture doesn't seem to link there..

  2. Gosh you're right!! I'll et right on it. In the meantime here is the link:

    Thanks for the error-update :D

    Love Cille