onsdag den 24. marts 2010

The pool issue...

Yeah, so, summer is right around the corner an we all know that means; sun, flipflops and walking around on the beach or by the pool almost butt-naked! PANIC!!

Last year I whent to Turkey with 7 of my girlfriends. We booked a cheap vacation and decided that this trip was goanna be the best ever and that we were goanna have the time of our lives!
I was a little nervous about having to shear a room with 2 others because of my eating habits, but that part wasn't really a serious issue. All in all it was an amazing vacation.
The bomb first hit me for real when we came home and the pictures were put on Facebook! I saw lard, fat and disgusting breasts all over the photos of me! I was wearing a bikini and having fun in the pool and I looked HUGE! Most of the other girls were skinny and hot on the photos, but me? Well I was just one big blob! EW!

I will NOT let that happen again! This year I want to be comfortable in a bikini. I want to feel sexy and goddessy. I want to see BONES! Ribs, hips, collarbone, shoulders! EVERYTHING!
But of course that's a little too late. As I said, summer is right around the corner and nobody can get skinny that fast and MENTAIN it till and though summer! NOBODY, GIRLS!
Besides, since I'm still in treatment (recovering from an ED) I have signed a piece of paper that basically says: "I will not go on a diet as long as I am in treatment here".
So I train. I train and I train and it’s actually paying off. I can see how my muscles eat the fat and how my stomach is getting flatter by the day! It's really wonderful!
Unfortunately I can't really see a difference on the scale -'cause muscles weigh more that fat- and that fact annoys the hell out of me! But I guess I just have to deal with that.

I have a little thinspo here that helps me get though my training routine tree times a week.

And, yes I realise it's a little morally ambivalent...

Skinny calves
Thin legs (and awsome shoes)
Cute abs

And by the way, what’s your favourite workout? Treadmill? Push ups? Or just all around the fitness centre?
And why?
Love Cille

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  1. Elliptical- easy on the knees and works your whole leg plus arms. Stair master for a firm round bottom and toned calves :) Planks- they totally flatten your stomach and sculpt away the fat from the hips and sides (plus it makes your ribs more exposed) :)

    I"m glad to see you posting again !

  2. i SO know what you mean. Last summer i thought: yay i've lost some pounds and was strutting along the beach with a lot of confidence and was having fun.....until i saw the photos! gross!
    i wish you luck with you exercises. btw, i prefer crunches and jogging. jogging is the best thing to burn fat in my opinion.


    p.s. please check out my blog :)

  3. completely random, i am turkish, so i hoped you loved turkey.
    but yay muscle! better than fat. i agree with elegant thinspo- jogging is really good
    also try jumping rope, that is an insanely good cardio
    stay lovely,