mandag den 8. juni 2009

To be, or not to be hungry...

... That is the question.

I lost weight! I am down to 125.2lbs. I don’t really trust my scale though… It isn’t giving me different numbers or anything, but I don’t look like a 124 girl! I am 4 pounds from my dream weight, but far from my dream body? Whaaat!? Shouldn’t it be the same? Apparently it isn’t.

Today I am goanna join a gym. I normally keep a good distance to the gym (all the people are already thin in there!). But it isn’t working to do sit-up and back lifts all day at home. I need something harder. Something more aggressive! And maybe even a new goal.

I started on a new diet called the “juice me up” diet. You eat one small meal every day and drink nothing but juice besides that. Every day of the week is a different type of juice. Mm. And the meals are like 10g of low fat cream-cheese on two rice crackers. Ha! Easy-cheesy.

Had so far:

One strawberry and blueberry smoothie = 128Cal
Two carrots with dip = 86Cal
One (blue) grape and watermelon juice = 180Cal
Aaand WATER! About 2L now.

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  1. i watched the movie before I read the books, and my first thought was "well, maybe the books are better". ofcourse, i was wrong. the movie actually makes the series bearable.

    I like the music in the movie. i'll give it that much...but butterflies? hmm...i think i may have a stomach of steel and ice-cool emotions.

    i found it hard to like the movie, and it's not for lack of trying. throughout the whole thing, i felt like all the actors were trying too hard and well, it felt like a bunch of amateur filmmakers came together to make a college-level film project.

    so i guess i am not really a fan. ha ha ha.

    thank you for sharing your thoughts, i am really glad you said what you said. it got me think =)

    congrats on the new weight!!!