mandag den 29. juni 2009

Disturbing fact

The day started out perfectly. I had just stocked my latest Marc Jacobs swimsuit in my new walk-in closet and I felt… Happy. I felt like (for once) that I could take on the world!
That is, until I clicked on to the internet and searched after some new exercises… The disturbing fact that I was blissfully unaware of, hit me like a train! It said, in an article on (fitness homepage), that what ever belly excise you do –doesn’t effect directly on the belly fat! I repeat, SIT-UPS DOES NOT HELP DIRECTLY ON THE BELLY FAT?? Did anybody here know that? Well, I sure as hell didn’t!

To burn belly fat you just have to burn fat total. Sit-ups trains the stomach mussels, but they have no directly effect on the fat around? Isn’t it weird? I mean, all the crushes I have done every morning and every night has been… Not useless… But still, misguided! I love to jump on the trampoline (it’s hilarious!), and I hate doing sit-ups, and in all this time I could have done a program I love instead, and get the same training!! ARG!!

I don’t know why this has had such an impact on me. I could feel my tears burning behind my lids, all because of an article about fat? Sigh. Maybe the reason to my emotional outburst lays in what my life really is about. I mean… Right now, my entire life is about training and food! And I can’t trust food but at least training? Apparently not…

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  1. The best way to burn fat is to go back and forth between jogging, running and walking on a treadmill.
    It keeps your body from settling into one pace therefore boosting your metabolism. Try switching the speed every 3 or 4 mins for about 45mins to an hour.

    It really helps!