tirsdag den 7. juli 2009


Now, I know that different people follow/read my blog for different reasons. I know a few Pro-ANA’s are frequently clicking on to my blog for thinspiration and tips. And I know that sometimes I make the blog come off a little pro-ED. Sorry.

I am really sorry for twisting this blog from loosing weight (healthy) to loosing your mind.

I have been diagnosed with bulimia by my therapist and my doctor and I am now seeking treatment on a home called The Milestone (Stolpegaarden on danish).

I am not underweight and I am not thin. I haven’t reached my “goal”, but despite that I do have an eating disorder that needs treatment…

Sigh… I am really scared of going there, but I know my family is standing by me and supporting me -Even though it was REALLY hard for them to understand that this was never really about eating.

Okay… I guess what I am trying to say (without sounding too cliché) is that I am goanna turn the blog around and make it be about my fight with bulimia, instead of my love to bulimia.

Wish me luck!!

XOXO Cille

*stay strong - DO NOT starve on...*

2 kommentarer:

  1. It's good to hear that you want to recover. =]
    All the best of luck to you. =]

  2. Cille you are so brave and beautiful. All the best of luck to you. I wish for you to stay strong, become healthy and turn your life - and blog ;) - around!
    All my best wished and thoughts go out to you
    xoxo Aida