mandag den 30. august 2010

Ground zero

Haw'ye do everybody!

I sure am two fries short of a happy meal today!
Why? I'll tell you why!
I lost my two vacation pounds!! Woohoo! Go me *doing the happy dance*!
Back at ... pounds! Now there's only 50lbs to go. Still a LOT but at least I quit gaining!

Super duper then. My plan today was ultimately "don't eat", but we all know that usually ends in vomit and tears. Instead I'll try to stay below 500-1000cals today and then harvest the effect tomorrow.
I haven't eaten breakfast yet, only flushed one cup of coffee down at nine, so I guess I should eat something... But what? That's the question. I think I'll go with a brunch solution. Egg-white omelet on toasted dark wholegrain bread and fried tomatoes. No butter. No oil (my parents have this awesome pan -no grease needed).

Exercise? No problem I have to run all over town in heels today (job interviews) so I think I got it covered.

Wish me luck on diet and job lovelies!


Love Cille

3 kommentarer:

  1. yay for losing weight.
    it sounds like everything is looking a tad brighter here :]
    ♥ idil

  2. Non-stick pans are a godsend, are they not!

    Good luck for the fast and the job interviews, sweetness <3

  3. Those together with gill pans are truly godsend Peridot (G+P)! And thanks both for your sweet words, they always make me smile.

    Love, love, Cille