lørdag den 11. september 2010

Devils dancefloor

Aaah, so good evening lovelies.

Having a nice weekend so far? Mine has been exhausting!

I got a job at NEXT (thanks for your support) as a shop assistant, so that's good. I don't get paid in diamonds, if you know what I mean, but it should do for rent and the basics. The job itself is really good for my social persona and to burn calories. I meet new people every day when I'm working the sales floor AND I have to stand up in 5 hours straight (no breaks if you work under 5 hours per day)! That part is actually a lot harder than you'd think. I worked on Friday and then again today and my legs/back/feet haven't been this torn up since my London shopping trip. Boy... It burns, when you're just a regular "Joe" like me, to stand that long in flats.

The boss is really nice and so are my co-workers, but they are all, (seriously) size xsmall. Short and petite. I feel like giant fat Viking next to those girls! I'm tall-ish and big framed with crazy big blond hair. I hate it when I don't blend in because of my size.
So to solve this -properly delusional- problem, I've decided that the expression: "I am hungry" those exact words in that exact order will NEVER leave my mouth again when in the presence of others. I find them weak and they always leave a bad taste in my mouth so now, I shall never utter them again.

And to answer you question, yes, I have gone completely and entirely mad. Heh.

Type to you later loves.

Love Cille

2 kommentarer:

  1. that is one great idea. i'm with you. form now on, i will never ever tell people that i'm hungry. sometimes i just say it to kind of blend in. like a reflex. and guess what, then they make you eat, those bastards.


  2. Right!? Sometime the words just slip out of my mouth like a completely uncontrollable reflex, and I ALWAYS regret them a split second after.

    I'm glad you understand, but sorry you feel that way too.