onsdag den 4. marts 2009

Count down

Okay, I have four days to loose about 5kg. Its goanna be seriously hard, it may even be impossible, I am aware of that fact. But I have to try! The party of the year is on my doorstep and I have a jellybelly?!
Nope, no more, in four days my diet will be consisting of:
Morning: 1 cup of laxative tea/or green tea -
200g of fruit (pineapple and strawberry, mostly)
Snack: 1 apple/banana - 0,5L of detox lemonade
Lunch: 1L of detox lemonade - Half a melon
Snack: 200g of strawberries - 0,5L/1L of detox lemonade
Dinner: 1,5L of detox lemonade

No bread, no rice/pasta, no candy, chocolate or sweets, no milk, alcohol or coffee, and NO smokes!! My “crash and burn” diet will ONLY contain fruits, water, tea, and detox lemonade. . .
And wile I eat nothing, I will work out two times a day!! Morning and evening!! I will go insane, no question about that.
My “minimum” accept for all this suffering: 3kg.
sigh. . .
Im already having cravings... Mostly for chocolate... My nemesis!!

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