mandag den 2. marts 2009

Diet coke. . ?

Hey, so I was thinking, why is it called “DIET” coke? Does that mean that if you drink a gallon of diet coke it will make you slim down tree dress sizes? Or does it mean you can drink it, like you drink regular coke, except DIET coke is healthy!?
Really? A lot of girls out there are practically living on that crap! Including me! I really think it is misguiding to call it diet coke, that’s how I first fell in with a plunge, sigh, but I guess you can’t do anything about it, you just have to live with the fact that almost ENYTHING is unhealthy!

Okay, but I didn’t want to make an entire post, bitching about coke, even though I easily could. Right now I am sitting (surprise) in front of my computer and drinking Pepsi Max and eating diet noodles. I shoulden’t be eating ANYTHING, cause I on a crazy water/green tea diet for two more days, but I fucked it up completely in school and ate the biggest clam/seafood salad with herbs (It was, by the way, sinfully good)! And then it happened, I got the feeling...

The dangerous feeling of; “I screwed it up already… The whole day is ruined… Why not eat some more? I fucked it up anyway!”
Well, that’s how I feel right now. I even walked down to the supermarket to find some Oreos; I was that depressed, but LUCKELY they were out… So, now I am eating noodles. They taste like hell. But I guess it is like when you get really mad and you are about to burst out all the stupid shit, you should never say.
You just have to stop, count to ten, and think about what you are about to do...

... Or quit?

I am the quitter...
I wish i wasn't...

But, when you quit, you dont really quit. You rewind and erase.

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