mandag den 9. marts 2009

Sigh, my webcam. . .

ARG! I hate my wannabe webcam. I want to make a webcam post, but the darn thing dont work. Or, it does work I just can't figure out were the program to the webcam is! And I can't ask my boyfriend because if he knew I was going IRL on the internet his spider sences would tinkel and make me stay in the dark. "You never know who is out there, and if they are going to STEAL your identety!!"

Gez Louiz, I know it isn't all that "safe" to go worldwide with your real name, but its mostly unsafe for me cause everyone I hang out with will know what a total psyco I really am.. And my family will know how I really feel.. No more fake smiles, no more hideing, no more lies!

Sigh, I am sitting here at home, trying to do my homework, but as you see.. Im here blogging, that's a bad sign... And no Im not just skipping school cause I am lazy, I HAVE to do all thise assignments and it is killing me! I have NO TIME what so ever to write 1000 words for tomorrow... I wish I could run away. Pack my bags and run like hell, but my family would go crazy and find me in the end.

I was thinking of running away today.. Twice.. I had my bags out from under the bed, but I just couldn't run away from Thomas. He would be so.. Heartbroken if he ever came home to a note.

Sigh, it makes me sad just thinking about it.

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