onsdag den 4. marts 2009

Dinner at mammys...

Turns out, it is not that great to be on a strict diet when your mum is cooking your favourite dish, just ‘cause you are visiting her! God.. And then you get the mother-speech "Oh sweety, eat some more... You know I never cook... I only cooked for you!.. I love you, and you don't even want to touch my dinner!?!" Oh please.. I love my mum, but she is driving me insane! And if I finally eat something, then its suddenly: ”honey, have you gained a little weight lately..?”
I must admit, I ate some of it. 100g of beef (I guess, I didn't have a weighing machine) and two small pieces of broccoli. I know, it doesn’t really sound like the end of the world, but I felt that way…
I just feel like I already “failed”, you know, and that was only day one?

but, if you look on the bright site, I did overcome some obstacles, and I do consider those my small victories of the day, and even though I only said “no thanks” to one piece of cake and I just didn’t buy any lunch, it cheered me up.
I hope I can do a little better today :)

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