onsdag den 26. august 2009


So I'm there... 120lbs.

Jup... goal! Weeh...

Look where I am now?

It's me in the hospitale for a scan because my heart is getting unstabil...

2 kommentarer:

  1. Well, you are certainly not fat =)
    I am sorry to say that it is hard for me to tell whether you are very skinny or jsut skinny or just slender or nomral-too much clothes/wrong position :P ;)
    But it is absolutely a really great thing that you reached your first goal weight :) Maybe you should start toning your body by lifting some small weights or something? Sport really is an amazing power to make your body more beautiful and fatless :)


  2. That is terrific that you reached your goal. What is going on with your heart. I haven't been around in a bit did I miss something?