tirsdag den 5. januar 2010

tea for two

Good mornin' everyone an' welcome to the crazyness of my univers!

Today I'm happy again! Ain't that strange? Maybe not THAT stange since I've been doing great on my "diet". (heh. Get it? die-t? No matter just a side note)

And yes! I shouldn't BE on a diet ('cause I'm in recovery) but I just need the thrill!!! The thrill of planning and plotting my day and be able to pat myself on the shoulder for doing good. Weird? Yes ... Yada yada yada...

But at least I'm eating again! Breakfast: joghurt, snack/lunch some bread with fish and a coffee. That ain't too bad for me or the "eat healthy not like an ED" phillosofy. Good. All in all really good I think!

Yawn!!! I'm so sleepy! I got out of bed at seven and I'm used to getting up at twelve! (and I can't figur out the pm. and am. thing! But it was in the morning)

Ugh. And eating breakfast? yuck. I can't get anything solid down before lunch, which is no more than a bad habit.

So what should I post about? I have been talking for 20 lines and yet said nothing. I guess my head is empty today?


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