fredag den 8. januar 2010

Piece of cake

Ugh. Hungry. Tired. Bored...

My morning in tree words.

I'm sitting in english class, boreing my ass off!! I didn't make a assignment and now I have been deported to the computer room to make the assignment. That's just though luck!
Well... as you can see I'm not making much progress.

That covers bored.

I'm tired 'cause I woke up at 5am (or pm? At night anyways) after a bad dream! And I mean a REALLY bad dream! About a baby getting dropped at the floor and... Uh... I can't describe it. It was horrible!!!

And last but not least, HUNGRY! I just ate two apples and would kill for another...

I'm REALLY looking forward to after school. My mom and I are going to see a photo exhibit called "love me" and it looks super interesting.
And later I'm going to meet up with some girls at my place and drink wine. I think it's going to be a nice evening. Not scared at all <3

Talk to you guys later :)


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