lørdag den 2. januar 2010

Bye bye past

Sorry for not uploading pic’s of me in the blue dress… To be honest, I don’t really think the pictures turned out so god and to be even more honest… I. LOOK.FAT.
So there you have it. I didn’t want to post the pictures ‘cause I look f.a.t. AAARG I hate this! No matter how many pictures I take or how good people say I look, I only see a fat pig on the photos!

Well… Anyway, my new years eve was otherwise good. I ate lots of melon salad and skipped dessert. I kept to champagne and rum & diet coke so I did good!! I was drunk but not hammered, I had fun but didn’t dance on the table, and I ate and threw up. The last part wasn’t really that great but you goatta do what you goatta do.

Waiting for my birthday which is right around the corner!! I turn 19 the 12th of January!! GOD I’M SO OLD! Heh, unbelievable that I turn 19 this month? I mean… What have I achieved yet!? Nothing! Nada! Not even my dream body…. I don’t know I just feel like time flew by!

Childhood, gone. Perky boobs, gone. 2009, gone! Before I know it my teen-years will be gone too, and all I’ll have left of them is flaky photos where I perhaps look great and didn’t see it myself at the time… Does that make any sense?

I just don’t wanna sit 10 years from now, looking back, and think “gosh, I was so thin… Why did I bitch so much about it?”


2 kommentarer:

  1. I turn 20 years old on the 6th of January and trust me, leaving your "teen years" and becoming part of the "20 something club" is far worse. I feel as if nothing has happened but believe me, you have another year to lose the weight and thrive. I don't have much time to change. Be happy and thrive love. You will do great.
    Good luck.

  2. 19?! You youngun you :p

    I'm facing 25 in less than 2 years. I'd say worry about achieving goals by 25 or 30, not 19!

    Enjyou your last 1.something years of teen-ness! And happy birthday in case I miss it! <3