onsdag den 30. december 2009

Oh gosh ♥

I fell in love in H&M…

The perfect dress was godsend from heaven! Or at least godsend from the store.

I walked in feeling fat, exhausted and pimpled (is that a word?). I walk out, no, I skipped out, feeling fashionable and neat maybe even a little thin!

First of all the dress is a 4US (36eu) which I hadn’t imagining fitting in my wildest dreams, but it was the only one left on the rack so I took my chances. And it… Was… FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!! It zipped up like; zzzzzzip. No struggle at all! I can’t describe in words how that made me feel. I actually wanted to cry a little. Heh.

Second of all; it’s navy blue, which makes it a little more interesting that a “little black dress” and navy goes so so good with gold! (Which is my favourite metal colour, and I bought the nicest gold clutch and necklace!!)

And thirdly it wasn’t that expensive. I had to though down 35 bucks for that dress, and it looks like a high-street designer gown.

The only sad thing about the outfit is: that it’s from H&M.
Now, I’m not a label-sucker, but almost everybody I know shop in H&M and there’s a big possibility that someone at the party is wearing the same thing… And looking even better.

But screw that fact for now.
I’ll put out some new year photos of me in the fab’dress tomorrow ;D



Love Cille

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  1. Naaaaaah CIlle! You will be looking the most fantastic ever nbd even if there is someone with the same outfit you are gonna look a zillion times better I promise ;)