fredag den 11. december 2009

Sunshine rain!!

So it’s Friday once more! Thomas (ma’ boyfriend) is going to this company Christmas dinner and I… Well I’m possibly going to see my girls tonight. One of my very close friends are having a wine taste party (girls only), and it sound pretty fun. But I just got my aunty Rouge so I look like a supersized marshmallow.
Ah, what big and complicated problems I have, hehe.
I guess I’m going. I mean it’s just my girls and I can wear something baggy. Hmm… But what? Okay I’m not goanna bother you guys with my “I have a zillion outfits but nothing to wear” dilemma, so lets just skip ahead to what I’m goanna eat, ‘cause THAT’S really important ;)

Pros for today is that I’m home alone ALL day (and evening) so I can be as eating disordered as I please. I also haven’t got anything in the fridge aside from nailpolish and antioxidant filled red wine so wee!! No temptations.

Cons, I already had some cereal for breakfast AND I ate so much crap yesterday ‘cause of my period. But all that is affordable mistakes. I just need to keep away from the “I already spoiled the diet so I’m just goanna eat shit anyway” spiral, and I’ll be fine.

I’m goanna restrict my solid intake to 500 cals (which leaves me with 250 now) so I can drink and have a good time tonight. Sounds like a plan? Sure does.
Keep on rockin' ;)

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