onsdag den 23. december 2009

Not my cup of tea

Spending Christmas in Bayern this year. With Thomas and his family...

And so far, not loving it.

There's no Christmas spirit in the house -AT ALL! Everybody is grumpy and stressed and could care less about this holiday.

… And I'm sitting here, alone, on Little Christmas eve.

Thomas is out spending the night with old friends and his parents -who ONLY speak Bavarian, so I only understand every second word they say- is watching TV in the living room. I feel alone.

Oh, and guess what, in this family they decided that on Christmas eve, they’d give the mom a night off!! THAT MAKES NO SENSE TO ME!!! So the boys and the dad, who doesn’t cook all year long, have to make a delicious dinner? No, no, no of course not. That would just be plain stupid, so instead they cook something they CAN. Steaks. With French fries.

AND THE PARENTS DOESN’T EVEN LIKE STEAKS!??!?! They are going to eat something completely different??? I thought Christmas was supposed to bring people closer, but in this family it seems to tear them apart.

Oh. My. God.

THEY are ruining Christmas!? No, demolishing!!!

So angry right now! Of course I could just have said “no thank you” to the trip… But I didn’t expect it to be so… Hard, to give up “my” Christmas.

Guess I just have to go with the flow….

Angry love

2 kommentarer:

  1. Bayern? hahaha I live in Hessen =D
    TO be honest, I always thought of the bavarians as weird people hahha....just their accent and way of eating and all this blue-white coloured stuff...O.o
    my family is going to have chicken fricasse with rice and pasty ( I'll just have some yummy vegetables and mango for dessert instead of creamy ice) it is a tradition in our family to eat this meal.^^
    Hope your christmas isn't too bad ;) x3

  2. Everyone is grumpy? Oh trust me. that is the Christmas spirit...