tirsdag den 15. juni 2010

Good morning people

I have a ton of things to do today and no idea how I'm goanna do them all!
But First and for most, I would like to welcome all the new followers who has joined the page the past months! Hello! And apologize for my crappy mood (which properly has reflected in my posts) and the lack of posts in general! Sorry!

I have been joggling some thoughts on how I can lose all my floppy tummy/thigh fat in time of Roskilde Festival (tree weeks tops) without driving myself insane!
I have to eat and I have to have time for life. Those are my
only criterias.
Does it make me sound like I'm not
dedicated to loosing weight, or is it just me? I mean everybody is asking the question "how do I loose weight?" and the answer is pretty simple -don't eat... But I CAN'T not eat for tree weeks, it would make me loose my mind! And besides I would die of binging.

I'm planning to make a beautiful mix of diet, diet pills and exercise. (Please dear god I can keep this from Thomas until I'm done!!)

Diet: ?
Pills: ? (Lipo Femme,
Anoretix -yes it's really called that, Phentermine, Therma power, Xenical, Acomplia and/or Reductil) These are just some of the pills I have been researching.
Supplements: Bio C.L.A. + T, Weighlevel
Exercise: 4x7 days

My question to you guys is now:
What diet have worked best for you?
And/or have you
experience with diet pill and which was the best?
Do you know any of the pills I have listed? DO they work?

Lots of love

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  1. hey.
    I dont have any experience with diet pils.
    But about the diet. maybe you could try raw food diet? you just bretty much eat just vegitables and fruit. Also you should set a calorie limit so you dont go overboard with the fruit.
    besides raw diet is also good for detoxing as i have heard.
    well that is my idea.
    i hope you find the best solution for you
    stay strong :)

  2. Hmm, for me the best long-term sustainable loss thing I've found is 1800cal a day (More if you're exercising. WHICH YOU SHOULD BE!! :p), NUTS not CHIPS, FRUIT not BIKKIES, lots of veg, swap red meat for chicken and lots of salmon, YOGHURT, have something every 3-4hours to keep your metabolism going and blood sugar stable, avoid aspartame (it makes you feel hungry when you're NOT just like pot), and green tea is your best friend.

    Oh shit, I wrote a novel. Blame the sadistic motherfu-personal trainers at my gym -.-; SORRYYYY!!!

    Have an awesome day, Cille! *Mwah*

  3. Great advice! Keep 'em coming! And Peridot, don't worry hun' I love novels!

    Love Cille

  4. How about the lemonade diet?

  5. Peridot is so right! Eating a little snack every 2 hours is really great for your metabolism, paired with working out.

    Drink a glass of water before each meal. It will keep you hydrated and help you feel satiated.

    Also, the smaller meals throughout the day will shrink your stomach, and that will help you stop eating so much if you do have a binge.

    Lots of raw carrots and cucumbers. They have lots of fiber and are really filling. When you have a sweet craving eat grapes, they're sweet, and the fructose breaks down more slowly and keeps you more satisfied than a christianhavner from lagkagehuset (hehe).

    Put cinnamon on your yogurt if it's sweetened, it also helps to metabolize the sugar.

    Lots of protein ! Since you're working out, lots of lean protein will help you build muscle which will burn the fat away, fish of course, but also low fat greek yogurt like Fage which you can get at Føtex.

    Cook with a little bit of coconut oil. Probably difficult to find in Copenhagen, but I'm pretty sure the health food store on fælledvej has some. It helps to build lean muscle and is really good for your internal organs, hair, skin and nails.

    Good luck!