torsdag den 6. maj 2010


Good morning girls.

It's awfully grey in the DK right now but I'm positive it's goanna be a good day!
I weighed in a 69,7 and that, what, about 154lbs? (why does lbs have to be such a big number?)

Well, so that's a start. Today I', goanna talk to my study counselor about the future -which is really hard for me, but I'll just have to get it over with!!

Then I'll swing by the pharmacy to get my "pills" (the pill) and perhaps look at some supplements to burn fat faster. I'm still not sure if I want to try Alli, just to see how bad it is... But I guess they wouldn't do me any good in the end, since I'm bulimic and restrictive in my eating habits not that much fat is left to be flushed out with Alli.

What else is on my mind... Ah yes, I have started to train at least 4 times a week (3 x pilates 1x just regular fitness). I AM IN LOVE WITH PILATES!!!
Already after my second class of it I felt "tighter" and it isn't all that sweaty! If you don't know what pilates is, which I'm sure you do, it's exercise based on tension and building up the mussels around the spine. It's sometimes really difficult ('cause of the technique) and hard ('cause you have to hold the tension in you abs ALL THE frigging' TIME) but not in the "I just ran 10km" kind of way. That's why I like it so much. I hate pulse training most of the time. It's sweaty, hot, painful and overall boring!

So I do pilates and run.

And I can already see the results a tiny bit. My tights are a little tighter and my butt a little rounder, heh.

So that's it for today I guess...
I'm goanna grab some breakfast and a cup of tea!

Love Cille

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