mandag den 24. maj 2010

I can live on cigarettes

I am NOT giving up on my skinny dream!

It's my last day in group therapy next Monday, and honestly? I'm really excited! Or my ED is... Whatever! I really like that I can look forward to do whatever I want without limitations from The Milestone (ED recovery centre) but I also know how this sounds...
But... Perhaps I'm just not "there" yet. I don't think I'm ready to give up my eating disorder...

I am, however, goanna give up being fat.
I'm 171cm tall and weighed in this morning at 70kg and I look FAT! I know it, and everybody else knows it too.

This summer I'm goanna look freaking slammin' in a bikini and not cringe every time it time for a poolpose! I am goanna smile every time I walk by a reflection and wink at myself! I'm goanna wear all the wonderful short dresses and be beautiful! AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I AM GOANNA FEEL GOOD IN MY OWN SKIN!

Okay... So I got the pep talk in place -now I just need a plan...
I thourght about joining "The Skinny Patch" but I kinda like making my own. That's a part of the "fun" for me (yes I'm perhaps funny that way).

I'll post it in the next post girls : )

Love Cille

3 kommentarer:

  1. I really wonder why they made you balloon up to 70 kilos at 171cm....I mean surely recovery centres should aim for a healthy NORMAL weight and not use "let's make her fat and everyting's fine"-road....O.o
    Sending you lots of support Cillie,you can do it and d'you know what?
    We will BOTH look totally smashing in our bikinis in summer!

  2. ew, recovery centers don't sound fun. i thought the point was to teach you how to be healthy...oh, the irony.
    you are prolly still beautiful no matter what you weigh. you will look amazing this summer i know it.
    ♥ dorian

  3. I'm glad you sound so excited! (: