onsdag den 26. maj 2010

Are you ready to get thin?

I know I am girls!

But first a little side note.
To minaralou: the centre (or the therapists) didn't really MAKE me do anything. Truth is I just didn't care what I ate for a time and I lost my grasp on holding a low weight as a hardcore overeater/bulimic... They ONLY make seriously underweight girls put on weight or seriously obese ones to loose... So... It's really just my own fault.
To disappear dorian: Thanks. And I know I talk a lot of crap about the centre, but it really isn't that bad. The therapists are really sweet and understanding and the girls in my group give a lot of support to each other and, of course, to the side of me that wants to be ED-free.

Now, let's cut to case, I want/need to loose some weight to be happy in my life as me. I weighed in at 69kg this morning and I want to weigh 55kg at the end of July.
I want to loose weight on my thighs, tummy, boobs, arms and face... Basically ALL OVER! Heh.

The way to do that is by using the tools I have. My general knowledge about food and body, my fitness centre and my bulimia...

  • Every time I eat something of my naughty list it CAN NOT stay in my system!! I WILL NOT HAVE IT! I will ONLY eat from my goodie list ;)
  • I will drink min. 2L water everyday
  • I have to plan every evening meal so I don't binge in junk
  • I will write down everything I eat (but I already do that for therapy)
  • I will work out 4 times a week -3x1 hour pilates 1x1,5 hours fitness
  • I will NOT eat over 1000kcal a day (so count count count!)
  • I will sleep 8 hours every night!
  • I will not give up if I slip, I'll just keep on trying!
  • Every choice is chosen to be one step closer to thin.

One week from now I will evaluate on my plan and then I can add one more or elaborate what needs to be altered.

So that's the plan, and I honestly think I can do it. Here is some summer thinspo to set me off!

Love Cille

4 kommentarer:


    I never want to see anything over 58kg again.

  2. that's a really great idea to make a good/bad list! good luck and I hope your plan works!

  3. sounds like an awesome plan!
    Good Luck, youll get there!! esp with all the support you have here. :) stay strong.

  4. thanks for the kind words.
    i get to see my therapist today.