lørdag den 1. maj 2010

Too complicated!!

It shouldn't be this hard to lose weight!
I mean when I look around on the street and there are tons of thin, lean, slender or skinny girls out there! How the F do they do it? What's the big secret?

Perhaps a healthy relationship with food? But honestly, come on, no woman on the planet has that!
What about some random miracle diet? Blaaaah!
I am seriously so sick of hunting down the new fabulous diet that everyone is on in Hollywood. It's all crap! Diet pills, diet drinks, detox diets, no carbs, no meat, no veggies, no nothing!
The only way to get the body you want is though pain and hard work -and we know it!
But am I the only one who think that sucks?

(Just some frustrating thoughts I had in my head, heh, sorry for sounding so negative.)

Anywho, I am hungry like a tiger but I just don't have the energy to eat, mentally I mean. It's just too darn complicated to eat now a days.

I think I'm goanna go with some fish on wholegrain bread and perhaps a smoothie a little later... Or not. Probably not.


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