mandag den 11. maj 2009

The girl I addore

She is who I want to be. She’s slender, rich, pretty, smart, trendy and healthy. And super sweet. Sigh. I hate her… No I don’t, because she’s so darn sweet I can’t hate her! Crap!

I am sitting, on my day off, in my “cozy” chair and typing on my computer, while she’s out running or something… God I wish I could get one of those new high-tech brain chips to motivate fat people to enjoy physical exercises. God I hate exercises! I hate going to the gym. Not so much because the training is hard - more because of all the people. They can see my flabby fat jingle when I run, or see me sweat like a pig! So to spare the public I mostly just do my routine -morning and evening on my living room carpet. 100 crunches/sit-ups, 20X4 butt lifts, 50 chest lifts and 10 pull-ups. Jep, then a shower and a steamy green tea afterwards. God I love routines sometimes. Everything seems so simple if it’s the same. Right? Or is it just me?

Anyway, She is ALWAYS the one who suggests a trip to the beach or a to go and hang out in the gym. My life would just be so much easier if I loved to run or had money for a personal trainer! Just like her! ARG!

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