tirsdag den 26. maj 2009

Wish I was at the Bahamas

God I hate testes. I don’t understand why my future depends on a test that lasts 30 minutes!!
Sorry for not posting so much as I used to, but the exams are killing me. Today I didn’t go to a test-test (To try how it is to take a test before the “real” test) because I think its stupid, and guess what, it was a big deal! I hate school I hate testes and I must suddenly hate everything today!!
I have eaten a quick noodle and a piece of bread so far = 200Cal and I drank tree cups of tea (1x LAX and 2x green tea) I gained weight again.

Oh and the other day I was looking at some old pictures of me as a kid, and god I was so fat! I hate pictures… Sigh… I am having a bad day.

And I knnow Im not making that much sence...

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