onsdag den 6. maj 2009

An experience I’ll never forget

I started my day by getting out of bed. Brushed my teeth, washed my hair and eat 2 diet pills and 3 “beauty” pills. I got dressed (a bit too fancy) and then I was off. I had enough time to stop and get myself a cup of coffee to-go so I ordered a big black coffee! MMH! Nice! But suddenly it hit me that I actually didn’t know where to go! I had the address and I had been there for casting, but at that time my boyfriend drove me on his Vesper.
Okay, I had 15 minutes to get to a place I have no orientation of. I have high heels on and rain is poring down. I panicky run to get a cap. Next problem… The sons of Bitches don’t take Visa Electron! I run 400m to the bank and withdraw 500kr (that’s like 60 bucks), and sprint to get a new cap. Hallelujah! I am in a cab, dry safe and finally comfy. “Take me to Regne-street! And STEP ON IT!” The cabdriver looks at like I’m completely out of my mind. “Well miss… That’s like just around the corner…” I couldn’t believe it! I said he could just take me there anyway, and so he did.
I arrived in perfect time and gracefully out of a taxi, heh.
The first person I meet to work on my hair is Takashi Kurokawa. He is an excellent colorist from Japan. He was so sweet and happy to begin on my hair. I told him that I was a color-virgin, and we decided to just lighten my roots a bit with some light stripes. Meanwhile Takashi messed with my hair a young girl (my age) asked the entire staff if she could get us any from Starbucks. I just asked for a green tea (didn’t want to… be a burden), but everyone else was just like ice-coffee, smoothie, latte and everything you could imagine. Fortunately I didn’t have to pay THAT bill!

The colors were amazing! Devine! I still love them, even the day after styling. So the next person I meet is Kei (Keisuke Terada). He was so marvelous to work with! He cut my hair with the greatest care. I have never experienced anything like that. Sweet, warm, precise and just brilliant!
After the “normal” basics he began to style me –gluing natural-hair pieces on me to give me a bit thicker hair. He’d later put some crazy colored pieces in between. Than he curled it all up, in a very abnormal way I guess, cause’ all the other hairdressers stopped and gathered around to look at his technique. Then I ran around, with my hair pinned up in curls, to try dresses, shoes and get my make up done. So much fun! Later he took all the pins out and back combed it. When he was done I had SO big hair, I couldn’t even get the original dress off to change into another (the dresses was a mess! Nothing fit, and it was so awful! Couture! I hate it from now on!).
Then I waited, and waited, and waited, until it finally became my turn. I stepped out in the spotlight and walked the runway!! When I was done I could feel the complete high rushing trough my body. Sigh. It really was an experience I’ll never forget.

When the show was over, Kei took out all the crazy colored hair pieces out and let me keep the pretty thickening ones in. I later found out that the entire thing was to lance the brand WAM here in DK. I even meet the two hair artistes that made the brand. Neil Moodie and Paul Windle -both very nice. Neil was a total nut in a really charming way! So anyway, I just took the last hair pieces out and I am goanna get some Pepsi Max!

(above) Thats Takashi

And me + Kei (and I am NOT fat, the cardigan is too big)

Thats a sweet girl and the one in pink is Mia, she does brilliant updos!

MY HAIR! Before combing it out. hehe

Me on the phone

More info about the staff go to http://www.windlehair.com/ :D

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