lørdag den 9. maj 2009


Yesterday I went with my mom, her boyfriend and my boyfriend on a one-day shopping trip to Sweden. Because of the crises the Swedish crone is so low that the shopping possibilities are eternal! I spend about 2000kr (that’s like 350$) on shoes and dresses that would cost 25% more in Denmark. I was totally high on how much money I saved when I was on my way home with 10 bags filled with must-haves!

I didn’t eat anything the entire day! The only calories I think did any damage were a low-fat ice coffee. It was such a lovely trip! And on top of it all, I could fit a size 36 (US 6)! Do you guys know just how long it has been since I could fit in a size 6!? I was 13-14 years old!!

Wow… I am so blissful.

Nothing can bring me down today ether. The scale still shows 129lbs!! Since I started blogging I have lost 14lbs. But it isn't enough! I need to shed 30lbs more to be my dream weight 99lbs! Mm, but I feel closer to my goal than ever.

Just keep going!! Never stand still!!

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  1. scandanavians are generally, very stylish. Sweden especially has such great fashion, and I am eternally jealous of your shopping expedition. I can't imagine spending in the krona...must be ridiculously expensive during it's peak exchange rate.

    exactly why you made an entire day of it! how far is sweden from where you are? did you go to stockholm?

  2. Hey BS, well I don't know if you are goanna read this, but sweden is just over the bridge. I live in Copenhagen and we only whent to malemo, thats like 28min. away! Heh, normally its a tradition for all danish people to go to sweden that date! Its the date called "Big Pray Day" but since no ones religios and everbody (in DK only) has the day off, we go to sweden to shop a bit cheaper :D