søndag den 27. september 2009

I hate parties


Hangover... I didn't drink all that much last night, but I think all the smokes are getting to me. I was at a party downtown, and it was pretty cool actually. One of my friends is an artist so she had a lot of awesome alternative people there.

I didn't wanna go to the party at first because it was a birthday, and so I knew there would be tons of food. But as the time passed I felt the need to have fun (for once), and I went there with my Thomas.

Okay... I didn't go because I needed to have fun... I went, because Thomas had "made" me eat dinner, and I knew if I went to the party no one would hear me purge... That’s just sad...

And I made quite a stupid mistake yesterday.
Okay so there was a plate of, what I assumed was; chocolate cake, on the table. My friend comes up to me and asks if I tried the cake. I panic and tell her I'v been munching it all evening...
I said cote:

"Yeah I just love chocolate cake! It's the best thing in the world!"

She looks at me like I'm crazy, and says:

"Its carrot cake? I thought you said you ate tons of it?"

I act all surprised and take a crumb to taste it... And shit, she’s right!? Damn!! She walks away and I feel so stupid. She’s not that close to me, and knows nothing about my ED… I just know this little episode will be gossiped about…

Love Cille

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