tirsdag den 22. september 2009

The old ticker

Yeah, so Christine is right. I haven’t been very informative about what’s really going on with me, physically.

Well, dear readers, my heart is going a little off beat these days. It isn’t anything serious -yet, but if I continue my (rather unhealthy) lifestyle, it might become dangerous in a couple of years.
Uh a lot of scary words, but I am taking that info with a bit of salt, cause there’s no evidence that I cant get cured in time! And “it may be fatal in a couple of years”? Yeah yeah tell me something new, I know bulimia isn’t on the “healthy way of life” list! I am not that brainless.
But my heat is beating a little too fast at times, and the doctors have to keep an eye on it, if things evolve.

Other than that my teeth and hair is really getting… Well, worn out. It’s really crappy, but my hair is falling out by the handful. I thought at first it was because I always tied up my hair, but a blood test showed that I was lacking some vitamins.

I try to take some pills against that, but can’t keep the shit down. I am also on some mild anti-depressive pills at the moment, but to be honest… They don’t work. The only thing they do is making me dizzy. A lot, heh.

So, there you go... And don't take all that too serious now, I am working on it :)



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