torsdag den 24. september 2009

Im in school. I can't concentrate. I hardly slept the in the past tree nights. Mainly because of the hunger pains. So yesterday I ate so I could sleep.

I had ca. 300g of salad and a wholegrain sandwitch with light cream cheese and cucumber. I felt so bad afterwards that I did 100 crunches and about 50 leglifts (each) and some push ups. I don't know how many I did, cause I feel asleep all of the sudden, heh, woke up on the floor this morning. Thankfully on my yoga mat, so my back isn't killing me now. But, think about it... That's freaking INSANE! I FELL ASLEEP DOING PUSH UPS?! I have eaten next to nothing in weeks, and done so, so well... And my ED won't let me eat a salad? Nothing I do is ever good enough.

She's a bitch... But maybe she had a point... I gained half a kg this morning...

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  1. I promise you dalring that not one gram of this 500g is fat.
    You have consumed wayyy too few calories to gain ANYTHING! :)