søndag den 8. november 2009

Rather dead than fat!

I have been avoiding to post anything meaningful this weekend ‘cause it haven’t had that must meaning. I miss Thomsen like hell! I miss having someone to spoon doing the night and someone to kiss in the morning. We always kiss each other good morning, goodnight and good day, sigh, every single day. It doesn’t matter if we had a fight, or something like that, the tradition between us has never been broken for over two years. It sounds kind of needy and obsessive but I really enjoy having it ‘cause it gives me a feel of safety. Like I’m not that ugly, fat or smelly even though we just woke up together and I forgot to brush my teeth last nigh.

Well enough about le’ boyfriend, I’m sure you guys don’t care about him ;)
So on to the vital matter of this post!! Da da da daaaah!! You properly figured it out, it’s diet time!! I have come to my senses and I am going on a diet! I have up to tree months to pull my shit together and loose all the weight I can until I have to go into therapy on the Milestone. Because on the Milestone diets are band!! NOOOO!! How will I ever survive..? Ah! Everything in good time! So from tomorrow and the next couple of months I will be on a diet!

I need a diet I can live with… And I need Thomas and my mom to stay in the dark… So, ABC is out of the question! Same with the lemonade… Raw foods is also a no-no… Hmm… How about I just make my own? I mean, I know A LOT about food and nutrition and I can just take bits and pieces from magazines and the internet? Right?

So… First of all I will consume (bear with me) minimum 200 calories and maximum 1000 calories per day AND I will post my daily food-plan on this blog. In case any of you wants to join... And to control myself.
I will eat every 3. hour to keep my metabolism going.
I will minimum drink 1L of water per day –and yes I know it’s nothing, but I am aiming low to begin with.
I will go to the gym ATLEAST 1 time per week!!
I will make 50 sit-ups every morning and every evening – yeah yeah it’s like a drop in the ocean but still something!!
I will make a weigh in every Friday….. I don’t know about that..? Would you like that?

And last but not least – I will start off my diet tomorrow with a lemon-water-fast-day (only one day 'cause otherwise I break and that's not a pretty sight) –no excise (makes me really dizzy).

Yep. Sound alright to you guys? Tell me if it’s a bad idea!

Hehe I’m so so existed!


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  1. Your diet sounds really good :) I like it. Not too hard to stick with, but it definitely sounds like it will be effective.

    I hope it works :)

  2. What's Milestone?

    Your diet sounds good! I'm studying to be a personal trainer, so if you're interested in some advice to keep yourself going...

    Alternate your calories, and the times you eat. Don't let your metabolism get on a schedule! For a few days, eat every three hours, and then after that, have about two days in a row where you eat off the schedule (to force your metabolism to adjust).

    Say, you do three days of eating every three hours.
    Then do one day of eating every four.
    And another day of eating every six.
    And another day of eating a big meal, and then a few small snacks, and some fruit before bed.

    Also alternate your calorie in take every few days. And a minimum is good. Your body actually does need at least some food to burn!

    In the mornings, try to have carbs and protein, because it will give you an immediate burst of energy (carbs) and the protein will keep you going longer because it takes longer to digest.

    Almonds help reduce bellyfat.
    Sleeping 8 hours also increases your metabolism, decreases your appetite, and burns more calories (you can burn up to 500 calories just by sleeping!)
    Take vitamin D, and make sure to drink at least 1 glass of milk (I actually don't count my milk, so long as I stay under 2 cups, because more than one study here in the US has shown that individuals who have a high calcium and vitamin D diet lose up to 60% more weight than those who don't).

    Uuuuhm...best foods to eat before bed if you're starving? An eggwhite and some grapes. (Egg whites - 17 calories, grapes are about 2 - 2.5 calories each, if they're medium sized.)

    If you were in the US, I could give you some awesome foods that are low cal that I use to sate my cravings XD But I don't know if you are or not!

    Uuuuuh....soy beans are miracle workers. Low cal, very filling. Hmmm...ALSO!
    Working out!
    If you have 30 minutes of moderate intensity (meaning something that just gets your heart going a little) every day, you boost your metabolism majorly, so you want to do that even if you don't go to the gym. The awesome thing about moderate intensity exercise?

    It can be dancing to music while getting ready for work, cleaning up the kitchen at a slightly fast pace, walking up stairs...you can break it up into intervals, so you do ten minutes or 5 minutes at a time, or even the full 30. It's best to do it all at once, because then you have something called after-burn, which is your body continuing to burn calories after you finish. But to make your metabolism work higher, just increase your activity a little bit every day, for a total of 30 minutes. Does that make sense?

    And I'm sorry! I just totally spewed random advice at you. I've been studying ALL NIGHT for this stupid trainer thing, though, so I'm on OVERLOAD of information right now!

    GOOD LUCK! Keep us updated! I have you on follow now :3

  3. I am so with you on this diet. I need to have accountability. I will post what I eat each day in my blog as well as reply to yours. I will do the lemonade fast for a least a day and see where I go from there. I will see if I can do it longer cause I'd love to do it for a week at least.

    Sometimes when I feel like I have to have something that I know I shouldn't I chew and spit and that really does help. At least I get the satisfaction of eating it but at the same time I am able to not actually eat the food.

    I would like to keep my calories between 500-1000. With the lemonade diet I will use almonds for munching during the day. Maybe if I allot 10 of them a day that should be good. Plus lots of water.

    Good luck and be sure to keep us posted!