tirsdag den 3. november 2009

What if...

Thomas is staying in China for possibly another month.

I'm wondering... If I attempted suicide... Would his company send him home?

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  1. cille please don't even think about it, i know its hard sometimes but all you can do is face the storm and keep your head high! stay strong and don't do any thing stupid, please.
    if u wanna talk email me princess.smile@live.co.uk
    much love

  2. oh my gosh... please don't.

    it will get better, i promise.

    we are all here for you!!!

    love and hugs xox.

  3. Don't you dare to ruin your beautiful face.
    It would be a shame if the world lose such a nice person as you are! Your love being in China is horrible for you,I really understand,but it is also such a big chance for him! DOn't forget he loves you surely just a smuch as you love him and misses you,too!Don't make him feel bad about his work,make him feel proud that he has such a lovely girlfriend who stay by him.Distance may be cruel but still,he WILL come back and love you more than ever after this long seperation!!

  4. PS: And we all HER couldn't bare it if you were gone!!