tirsdag den 10. november 2009

Ready, set, GO!

Goodmorning lovelies! Thanks for all the helpul comments! I am taking the advices in and listening to your support!
Boy am I lucky to have such a smart bunch of girls behind me! I can’t say it enough, I love you guys!
(And a little side note to “pretty wreck” The Milestone is a Danish treatment centre for people with eating disorders. I haven’t started there yet, but I am in the program)

Well on to the diet!
Yesterday the lemoncleanse went okay. I ate a cup of salad at lunch but that was it.
So today I woke up at 12am, that means I’m eating breakfast for lunch today and that’s pretty annoying for you guys who wants to follow the diet. However I have come up with an alternative breakfast and lunch for you!

1 sliced apple and one small sliced banana
1 cup of green tea (or black coffee)
If you’re still hungry, add a grapefruit without sugar.
If you don’t like breakfast at all then just eat the grapefruit, but eat SOMETHING to get that metabolism going.
= 150cal with grapefruit 155cal – fat 0,7g

50g of almonds and raisins
=135cal – (plant) fat 16g

2 cups (I measure cups in what you can have in your hands when you make a cup)
of green salad + cucumber + red pepper fruit + tomatos (+ onion)
NO dressing
If it’s too boring for you just add 20/30g of shrimps
= aprox 188cal with shrimps 210cal - No fat

100/200g of carrots
Depending on how hungry you feel
= 36/78cal

1 cup of green salad + tomatos (+ your choice – I’m goanna go with a dash of feta cheese and onion)
300g of low fat/no fat minute steak with 1/10 Tsp of salt and some pepper
= 350cal – fat 1,1g (?)

Total day = up to 1000 calories (but I don’t have the time to go though it right now)

So that’s it, remember I calculated the calories and fat by Danish products and I suck at math ;)
I suggest you calculate it your self if you want to be 100% sure!

That’s it <3>

Hope you like it


3 kommentarer:

  1. Oh... Very nice! I'll try eating that in like, a few weeks after I'm done fasting.

  2. I like how you have the other side options too. it helps a lot since I do get bored with some foods easily.

  3. I never did post what I ate but I can tell you I didn't do very well. I'll post to my blog hopefully tomorrow a run down of what I ate. I never did the cleanse since I didn't get up early enough go get it ready before work.

    You're doing a great job! Keep it up.