søndag den 4. oktober 2009

Fire starter!

X-RAY FIRE!! My new fav' drink! I love it! No fat (unlike beer) and filled with coffeeine so the alcohol/sugar burns right off again :D
One bottle contains like 60 calories! Still alot, but not if you compare to a beer :s
Anyway, the taste is a little too sweet but otherwise I like it! And you get sooo drunk! 5,4%...
I guess the only downside; is that everyone point out that its lame. Fuck 'em, I'm goanna get skinny, an' they can't stop me! Heh. Sorry for the wannabe-slang guys, but I am havin' the crueles hangovers... Head, lungs & stomache!! It's all crap.
I smoked about 20 ciggiz' yesterday at a party, and now I can't breath. Ugh! And everything smells!! EW! But at least I didn't eat anything stupid in my haze. I kept it clean. No drugs or food, so I'm kinda pleased with myself.
Aaaah... My head... An' the darn vodka is burning my guts...
So, I ate (and drank) about 1200cals yersterday, which I find pretty good, considered how drunk I got. Jesus. But I should just quit drinking. Its bad for me, filled with bad calories, and Im bound to eat shit the entire next day... And Im too sick to work out. God. I hate myself. Im stupid and Im never goanna drink again... At leat not until next weekend ;)
But It was an okay evening and I puked 80% up what I drank, so, no real harm done I guess...
Love you all!!
(spelling correctly in this condition is not recomended, so I'll skip it -heh)

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  1. I recommend Vodka & Diet Coke, if your quite a big drinker like myself, 44 cals per drink and vodka is absolutely evil and will get you drunk very quickly! 37.5% a drink so you end up drinking less and having less calories, and their is no saturated sugar in vodka so it burns of extremely quickly if you like to dance on a night out like I do.