fredag den 23. oktober 2009

Vodka an' soda

I am.... Hmmm... Hungover. Went for a friendly drink with my friend and ended up with 3 vodka/club soda + 2 coke zero/rum + 2 bottle beers... Sounds somewhat harmless right? WRONG! I was so wasted I sweet talked some guy just to make myself feel better (the whole missing boyfriend thing). He took it the wrong way and asked for my number. I gave him a fake. I just wanted to hear him tell me how good I looked and stuff, not anything serious (ekspecilly 'cause I love Thomas)! Anyway, went home and quite literally smacked the door in his face. Heh. I am a horrorble person.

So all in all I only broke my fast with alcohol and one para-nut. Quite proud of myself. AND I walked around in the mall (trying jeans and dresses) for FOUR hours!! wups.. I also had an non-fat iceblend in the mall... Whatever! Still proud ;)

I can't really show you what I bought just yet, my cam is down at the moment... (dropped it on the floor :s)
But I got a dress -totally cute! But I have no use for it so I'm goanna return it. A ring -also cute. And then I got some underwear inc. some stocking. So nothing much just that little thing of the day :)

Love Cille

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