fredag den 16. oktober 2009


Ugh!! Ate the entire frigde today!!! I am now officially 132.28. HOW THE FRICK DID I JUST GAIN 10lbs??????????? Cause' god hates me.... Jep....

Went to the gym today, I almost live there these days, 2977 calories burned... Good good. Spend like 400 bucks on The two most insane designer dresses, two rings, some make up from Benefit/Paul & Joe, a pair of short platform boots and a pair of killer tights!! All seen below!

OM fucking G!! I just couldn't go on without that Sass & Bide dress!! Looks like angel wings<3

Couldn't resist the same model (ring) in green too....

5 kommentarer:

  1. I took your advice on my layout. Thank you. I was being lazy haha.

    I absolutely love the things you bought, they're going to look wonderful on you. On how you gained ten pounds, maybe its a combination of the food in your stomach and water weight.

    If you ever need anyone, you can talk to me dear. Stay strong

  2. She's absolutely right, food + water = tons of pounds (2 cups of water = 1lb to begin with). Let it pass, and after the next shit, weigh yourself. Better yet, get out the laxies. (Bad advise, but we're mostly ED here, anyway).

  3. Beautiful clothes, by the way. Totally worth the money!

  4. Designer clothes are great thinspiration aren't they? ;)