fredag den 2. oktober 2009

Money, money. . .

So yesterday was the first. That means I get 4800kr on my account from the Study Fund Of DK. That’s like 500 dollars I guess. After all my rent is paid I have like 400 dollars left for “fun” and food. Yesterday I spend 500kr (60/70 bucks?) on diet pills! I bought tree kinds of diet supplements. Not really diet pills ‘cause in DK we have a law; that you can’t buy “diet” pills unless your BMI is over 25/28. That’s CRAP!
And I hate to order from the internet, you never know what you are goanna get! And if it works! So, I bought supplements… Lots… One for muscle binding, one for metabolism, and one for fat reducing/vitamins. I know it’s not magic pills, and they alone won’t help me that much.
So I’m picking up ma pace! Exercise 4 times a week, minimum 30 minutes per. Workout.
Diet = max. 600Cals a day. I’m going on the protein-shake diet. That’s two to tree protein shakes (NUPO), and one high protein meal per day. I can make that work.

Today I’m having salmon with celery salad, and tree strawberry shakes! Kinda excited!
What could be the downside?? Well, I’ll tell yer. Thomas. He is very much against my weight loss, and I understand why. I’m bulimic and obsessed with dieting, but I just think if I could loose just a little more weight I would be extremely happy!! Tone that stomach and shape up those legs, and I would be the happiest girl in the freaking world!! He sais that; when I loose all that weight I want, I’m only goanna want to loose more… Maybe that true, but what wrong with looking good?

I know, I know… You are eating disordered and you can’t think straight. But… I jut want to loose 20 more lbs… So anyhow, I have to “hide” my obsessing from Thomas, so he won’t try to stop me. That pretty hard when we live together, but I have a plan! I’ll eat that high protein meal with him at dinner time ;)

God, I’m so sneaky… ED has made me sneaky. And poor. And crazy!
Love you all!
And thanks for following my absurd-ness <3

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