søndag den 25. oktober 2009

Lonely heart

Thomas come home to me...

I'm 126.4lbs today...

Had today so far:
4 mandarins, 100g of almonds and 1 unsalted low/non fat "grilled " without grease -beef (179g).

Not hungry at all, but I know this day is goanna end badly. We got guests coming over any minut now and my mother baked chocolate pie and buns... Sigh.

Pray for my nonexistent willpower.

Love Cille

P.s. I think I got to the problem on the blog. Tell me if anything looks weird to you ;)

3 kommentarer:

  1. wow I love the 3rd picture :)
    & happy 4 u that thomas is home!

  2. These are some HOT pictures!
    Good luck, dearie.
    I have faith in you. :-)

  3. Omg CHOCOLATE PIE?! That stuff EXISTS?!
    I'm sending you strong thoughts. Lol I've never had it, so I'd stick to one small piece. We used to have flat apple pie nights. If I was cutting it up I'd sneak myself a smaller bit and make everyone else's slightly bigger XD

    The lighting and angles on that photo = Love