tirsdag den 13. oktober 2009


Okay so the "new" diet pill, Alli, has arrived to Denmark.
A pill that makes your body resistant to fat. In other words, you shit your guts out if you eat fat, which sound great! I mean, I'm bulimic so laxatives isn't anything new to me, but I'm really concerned... I heard that people loose like 5kg in one week on that shit, but... Normally I restrict but what about binges? That’s goanna hurt! That’s the only downside to me so I guess I'm goanna buy the pills tomorrow. Have any of you guys tried Alli?

So today I'm having a good day, even though I have my period and my boyfriend is leaving for China tomorrow (his flight was moved). The sun is shining, birds tweeting and I feel good. Somewhat good that is. A little sad, but nothing suicidal heh. I ate a small bowl, no okay, a big bowl of cocopops with skim milk -I don't know why, but I don't have that fear of diary that most ED's have. Hm. But I also had a big cup of green tea and 3 glasses of water. I can't really stick to the SSPO. I want to eat like a happy pig when I'm with Thomas, so he doesn't worry when he's in China. Even though I'm planning a diet-frenzy in the month he's gone. 5oo cals a day, 2hours of gym and diet pills. Wonderland for a bulimic!

I don't care about getting better anymore. I just don't. I wanna lose weigh! And it's the only thing I really want! So to quote THIN: "Even if it takes dying to get there!"
All that crap about recovery! Fuck it! It's bullshit anyway. I can't get better, I just can't! So to spare myself the disappointment, I quit. Sigh.

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  1. alli give you anal-leakage, no lie! They have them here in england and they were in all the newspapers when they came out saying how bad they were!
    good if you want to lose weight, but bad in public when you start pissing out your ass!

  2. ...Ew... Okay... Not going on Alli then. Heh :)

  3. I've been doing alli for about a year, now, on and off (psychological security blanket). Yes, it does "work" if you mean not absorbing up to 30% fat, but that's not really that much, if you think about calories. But did I lose weight? Nada. No, ma'am. I did not. Do not waste your money. It is expensive, and your money is better spent on something better researched, some more hard-core diet pills.