fredag den 9. oktober 2009

A bunch of yesterdays…

Sorry for not uploading for a week or so, but I’m currently in a state of utterly suffering!! Heh, I’m sick with the flu, and HATE it! The only good thing about it; is I can’t eat anything but soup because of the pain. So I’m loosing weight rapidly (goanna gain it when I’m fit again, so I’m not excided).

My boyfriend is going to China for a month on Monday. Business. I miss him already. And I’m scared. He makes me feel safe and like everything is goanna be okay, and now he’s leaving. I want to cry and cling on to his leg, like a child, so he can’t leave. The way I always did when my dad was about to go on a longer business trip… I know it’s childish to get so upset over one small month, but I… I just can’t function without him. Hm. At least I loose weight when I’m miserable so that’s somewhat a plus.

God. I feel like crap. I haven’t eaten anything in tree days (soup, but that’s just hot water with veggies and salt) and I have no appetite at all! I’m bored!!

What do you guys do when you’r sick?
Love Cille <3

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  1. I blog on here when I'm sick.
    And read magazines and watch girlie shows like Rachel Zoe and ANTM, etc... Total thinspo.
    Feel better, dearie!