fredag den 2. oktober 2009

♥ SSPO Challenge ♥

Well, found my perfect motivation!!

The SSPO Challenge from Stella!!

So the ruels are:

(Oct. 2 - Nov. 1)

1. Lose a minimum of 5 pounds.
2. Drink at least 50 oz. of water a day.
3. No soda unless it's DIET.
4. Absolutely NO Halloween candy.
5. No ice cream or cake.
6. No second helpings at meals.
7. Only fruits and veggies for snacks between lunch and dinner.
8. No more than 1600 calories a day.
9. No eating past 8 pm.

Doesn't that sound doable? I hope so ;)

Wish me luck! <3>

Love Cille

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