lørdag den 24. oktober 2009


God... Why? I can't fix that stupid piece of crap!!!! Arh!! Stupid son of a bitch! Fuck! ARG!
Please help if you know how!

Sight. Woke up late -really late. It was already passed noon. I went to the gym for one hour. I was so, sooo sore in all my mussels from yesterdays workout -but never the less I managed to complete most of the program in that hour. I came home to my mother and she made me a big salad.
Other than that I ate: 2 mandarins, 1 orange, 3 pieces of wholegrain homemade bread with some butter (sorry -I slipped), 50g of raw nuts, cheese (again sorry) and that was it.

I feel okay about what I ate and how much fat I burned. Well… Not completely satisfied, but you know… I just got hit with a terrifying epiphany!! STAY AWAY FROM SALT!! I always knew that salt binds water and therefore holds the water weight, but I never knew just how dangerous salt is for your body! Listen to this; the Danish eats the doubled amount of salt of what good for them!! Table salt destroys your ability to burn fat!! of course normal salt in non-processed foods don’t do that. Example veggies, fruits, raw nuts, mushrooms and so on. But the salt in fast food, pasta, rice, bread and everything we “cook” is filled with unhealthy salt?! I am goanna stay away from salt from now on. Not all salts in the world though, as that would pretty much lead me to my death, but all the unhealthy crap we fill our bodies with!
No more seasoning with table salt! No more pasta, rice and bread since they are stuffed with carbohydrates anyway.
Jep so that’s the plan.
Rid all that gross salt from my body and load myself up with pure healthy stuff instead.

Love Cille

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  1. OMG even your slips were still healthy!!!
    . . . I kinda went crazy with chocolate yesterday :(

    Thankyou fort eh salt tip! <3 I'll remember that one :D