torsdag den 22. oktober 2009

Potato - potato

Awww... Thanks you guys... Sniff. It's so sweet of you to send me support :)

Never the less a new day is dawnig. I am feeling much much better today. Still missing my boyfriend, of cause, but I'm getting use to being alone.

I binged like a pig yesterday. 1 bag of Dumle + 2 bags of nuts 500g (?) + 500g of beef (cooked) + 120g of squash + 5 biscuits with chocolate. I am so nasty when I get into the binge spiral. Eat, puke and eat again until I feel like fainting.

Today I’m fasting! No solids. Just lemon water, coke zero, coffee and perhaps a smoothie for “lunch” if I’m good.

I’m going shopping today. I NEED more clothes!! I have like a zillion outfits but nothing to wear –you know? Heh. It’s silly, and I know I just spend a fortune on, but its just inching in my fingers to get to a dressing room! I can’t handle money! Thank god for lucking down my saving! I’m going to H&M, Topshop and Mango. They always have something pretty at a reasonable price. Goanna show you what I bought (if I find any) later<3
Adore you all ladies!!! ;) Keep sending those positive thoughts my way, and I’ll do the same!
Love Cille

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