torsdag den 16. april 2009

Sex & sushi

Wow, first breathtaking sex with my wonderful sexy boyfriend -then 9 pieces of sushi (there is like 23oKcal all in all?! And it is healthy! I love that shit), and then sex again.
Mmm, I really freaking love the two s'es, heh, its moment like these that make my life worth living.

In 30g of sushi there's like40Kcal in!! Okay not in the California rolls (stay clear of them, there's mayo in.) but in all the maki’s and nigri's there is a ton of vitamin and the only "bad" thing is the rice. But I always eat half the rice and then all the fish. Oh and the wasabi and ginger is helping to raise your metabolism and packed with vitamin C. There is really not one bad thing to say about sushi… Well except tuna contains a lot of heavy metals and the tuna fish is almost extinct because of the overfishing and the sushi trend…
Okay, it isn’t “the best thing” for the earth and the tuna, but I must say I love it! Hehe.
But I am goanna go to bed and lay in T's arms before he travels to Turky for a week... Sigh... Night guys :D

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