tirsdag den 21. april 2009

Don't worry..?

Yes! Finally I did something right! Today I stayed below 300Cal. All I ate was an apple, a pear and for dinner one bite of chicken and a small salad. I was at the grocery store (didn’t buy ANY sweets, even though my stomach acid burned like hell from being empty) and cocked dinner, and when I sat down to eat, I was full from the smell! Wonderful! I was so pleased with myself that I decided to go shopping tomorrow – you know; buy something pretty for myself because I did a good job on my diet. Hehe, I love shopping, I love to spend all the money that I saved from buying lunch on pretty jewelry!

I think I will end this night with a green tea mint and 200 crunches. There is nothing like doing crunches on an empty stomach!

Wow… I am seriously beginning to let this diet madness get to me… I don’t want to hurt myself… Or do I? I mean, I am slightly suicidal, but then again which teenager isn’t? Hmm… Well screw it! I wanna do crunches. I need to. If I don’t –I will get FAT! And what do I always say; Rather die than get fatter!

God. I have to stop fighting with myself, its exhausting. Good night you guys!

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