onsdag den 15. april 2009

My tip-top-tips

I love personal tips and tricks that you can use in your battle against the extra pounds. Over the years I have collected my fair shear of helpful tips and I thought, as allies we should exchange strategies.

So, here is my key to everyday survival.

1) Eat every 3 hours to keep your metabolism going (starving doesn’t work in the long run), and eat before your hungry. It helps prevent craving and binges.

2) DRINK WATER! You know this already, but drink up to 7L a day! DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!

3) QUIT diet coke! Yes it helps to cage your sweet tooth… Temporary. But it is a bandage on a bullet wound!

4) Work out the in a way that works for you. I hate running! I really, really, freaking hate to run. It’s boring, it’s hot, and I hate it. But on the other hand I really love to jump! On a trampoline or just to goof around to Super Chick - Supermodel. If you work out in a fun way, you can flip your hate for the gym to love in no time!

5) DO NOT GO ON THE ATKINS DIET! It is fake and dangerous! Yes people lose weight, but the only weight they lose: Is water. All the meat and protein in the Atkins diet is overloading your kidneys and it is just as dangerous as being a drunk to your lever!

6) IF you can, become a veggi-head. The very best thing you can do for your body is to become a vegetarian, the famous protein-dilemma is not the thing stopping you! There is more protein in one slice of tofu-”beef” then a normal sized egg. Truth is: I am still having trouble giving up my meat because I like it. I like the taste, I like the smell and I love the sight of a big beef on my plate at dinner time. But I also love Topshop’s dresses, and at the moment I can’t even squeeze into a size 8 in that dammed store! So… Just how much do you love meat?

7) If the cravings still are knocking on your door, write a looooong list with all the reasons for why it’s not a good idea to eat… What you want to eat. And by the way, a craving ONLY lasts about 15min. So stick it out girl!

8) Eat a spoonful of apple-vinegar. It’s really nasty, yes, but it will take away all your appetite in no time. Or brush your teeth and then take a sip of orange juice, Ew! Gone appetite, gone.

9) If you are eating out, drink tons of water before ordering, or eat something before you go to the restaurant (like a cucumber, or two apples!) it will (maybe) keep you from ordering that big juicy steak your cousin is having.

10) Don’t live to eat, eat to live. That’s bull! If you don’t enjoy your food your goanna treat food like the enemy. Food is not your enemy. THE FAT ON YOUR BODY IS! Work out, eat green and eat chocolate/cake/candy in very small doses -if you must eat it. It will help you from feeling depressed and lost because you feel the "need" for sugar. Insted of eating tree pieces of your favorite cake, eat half a piece, dont worry there is still plenty of cake out in the world and you are not missing out. heh.
That is my most important tip.

I hope you can use some of it!


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  1. Very helpful! Thank you :)

    Apples are very good hunger suppressors because they contain a substance called pectin, which fools your body into thinking it's full

    The most apples (medium sized) a person can eat in one go is probably 3-5? And that would be a maximum of 250 calories (if each apple is 50 calories).


    My ultimate secret to controlling binges. Haha

    By the way, I was also the other person who commented on your other post, (the one with the music video haha)

    If you'd like to become ana buddies, email me at: serenakchen@hotmail.com

    ~Looking forward to your reply :)

  2. I love the vinegar idea. Actually I use to do that years ago when I was ANA but I forgot all about that. It works. Also my Aunt years ago just ate apples throughout the day and lost a ton of weight.