lørdag den 18. april 2009

That's why!

I am so hungry, and I might do something rash. There is some 85% dark chocolate in the kitchen, and I am about to break, so now I am going to write a list for ALL the reasons why I want to be skinny and NOT eat that stupid chocolate.

I want to lose weight because:

1. I could fit all the outfits that I adore.

2. My boobs would be even perkier and round and I wouldn’t have to wear a bra all the time.

3. I could wear a pair of skinny jeans and a top without the fear of getting love-handles and pregnant-tummy.

4. I would be able to run faster without all the extra pounds.

5. My arms wouldn’t wobble when I weave.

6. Everybody is goanna say that I look good and whisper behind my back “I can’t believe she did it!”

7. I would look graceful and pretty in everything I wear!

8. I wouldn’t be ashamed of wearing a bikini.

9. All my fat wouldn’t wobble when I have sex with my boyfriend, I would finally be confident enough to be on top because my belly would be gone.

10. Everybody would be SO envy me and my good looks! HAHA

11. My mom would finally accept me and be proud of me.

12. People are goanna say: “Wow, you are really getting thin, you should eat something.”

13. I would be beautiful and happy.

14. I would have shown the entire world that I have control over the food, and that food isn’t my life!

15. I would be called “the model”.

16. I would finally love myself…

17. I could give modeling a shot.

18. I would feel good because I would be the skinniest girl in the class!

19. People, who saw me at my fattest, would go like: “woaw, look at her, she really changed!”

20. I would rather die than gain another pound!!

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  1. I hear you with the fat jumping up and down boy I have that issue. IT's so bad that even when I walk it does that because I'm so fat. I miss the days when my thighs didn't touch and I was light enough for a guy to pick me up off the ground. Thanks for the ABCs I'll be putting that into play starting tomorrow.