søndag den 26. april 2009

What I did this weekend

So I am goanna tell you guys about me weekend. Friday – ate 1000cal (sooo much sushi), T (boyfriend) came home from Turkey, had mind-blowing sex, skipped school, cleaned the entire apartment!

Saturday – ate 1400cal (Way to much), purged, went to IKEA and bought furniture, had a small fight with T, met my good old pal Emil and hung out with him, went (with Emil) to Kongens have (the king’s garden) and drank one cider. The rest of the day me and my boys just chilled at home and watched movies.

Sunday – hand washed ALL my panties and some of my most delicate dresses, had sex and ate, so far, 482cal. T and I are going to the movies later to see a documentary. (Something about robbers? Don’t ask!)

Oh yeah! And I bought this killer new dress! In this coloer and a minty freash green!!
I love it!!

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