mandag den 6. april 2009

week one

Lets’ do this right!
I have been avoiding put up posts on how I am doing on my diet, because I am doing awful! I'm making excuses for myself, telling myself that it is okay for me to eat crap ‘cause I’m having a hard time with my school, well, now it has to stop!

30 days to a new me. I know its goanna be hard and I know I’m goanna go mental, but, I can stick to a F***ing diet for 30 days!

Okay, so here are my measurements:

Week 1

Bust: 37’’
Waist: 29’’
Hip: 40’’
Height: 5.7 feet
Weight: 143.3 pounds

My diet plan is to “go green” and decrease my calorie intake to only 500Kcal a day. The “go green” plan is that you can’t eat it, if it isn’t green! No diary (ink. Butter), no alcohol, no wheat, no starch (meaning: rice and potatoes), no sugar (ink. Artificial sweetener), no meat (but fish is okay twice a week), and NO FAT! Absolutely NO FAT!

What I can eat and drink is, caffeine, Smoothes, berries, veggies (only green though), (vegetable) bullion, water, nuts, fruit, aaand that is pretty much it . . . Weeh. . .

Oh yeah, by the way, at least five times a week I have to work out, in one full hour.

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